Friday, March 25, 2011

Who am I?

You may be asking yourself: Who is this Shannon who thinks she can help me save money? Well, I am a first time Mommy, who start doing the "coupon thing" to get my shopping budget under control. I will admit, I still struggle, but am doing much better. Before I first started doing coupons, I would go $400 over my shopping budget, spending money we didn't have. The first month, that dropped by half, to $200 over budget. Now, I might go over by about $50, but am still learning. Some of the things that have caused me to go over are cleaning supplies, clothing, and impulse purchases.

As a couponer, a lot of time is spent searching the web for the best deals and steals. I use several different sites to help find the best deals, and spend about an hour a day looking at the different forums and blog posts on which deal is the best. My plan for this blog is to consolidate all these finds into one central location. I will post match ups for different stores, and tell you how to find the best deals on the products you use! I confess right now: I will be letting most of the sites I go to find the deals for me. However, there are some deals that will be strictly my finds. As a part time worker, and full time Mommy, I understand the need for one-stop shopping for how to find the best deals. I also understand and am fully aware of the lack of time to go searching on making the match-ups.

I know quite a few of the matchups will have printed coupons from online websites. I will not post these, due to lack of a printer myself. I will post the deals that can be found using the Sunday paper coupons. All coupons are regional, so coupon availability and values may vary.

Welcome to the world of couponing! I hope this will help you save money, and time by showing you the best deals and steals available!

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