Friday, March 25, 2011

Coupon Types

The most common type of coupon is a Manufacturer Coupon. This will say Manufacturer Coupon right on the coupon, next to the expiration date. You can find these almost anywhere! I find mine in the Sunday paper, online at different websites, and even on the Manufacturer’s websites themselves sometimes. You can also type in what you are looking for plus the word coupon on search engines and it will pull up different options.

The coupon websites that I search for coupons on are: ,, and . Just be careful. Not all internet coupons can be used everywhere. Some stores will not accept them!

Another type of coupon is the store coupon. These can be found in the stores themselves and will say “Store ABC coupon” in place of Manufacturer Coupon on them. These are meant to be used in the store themselves and in most cases can be used with a Manufacturer Coupon as well, for extra savings. Walmart has recently decided they will start taking coupons from competing stores. However, it must have an actual price on the coupon, not just an amount off. Example: you can use a coupon from Walgreens for Puffs Tissue for $2.99/ 3 pack, but not a Walgreens coupon that says .50 off 3. Target is another store that uses store coupons. Theirs are found mostly online, but they occasionally have them in the Sunday paper, or in coupon mailers. No one, not even Target HQ seems to know how to get on the mailing list. It has been rumored to be on the list if you have a Target credit card, or have created a registry with them of any kind, but no guarantees. You can use one Target coupon and one Manufacturer Coupon together on the same item.

Some other coupons that are found in stores are peelies and tear pads. These are also Manufacturer Coupons just with a different name. Peelies are attached to the products in the stores, and you have to peel them off to use them. Tear pads are located in different places throughout the stores, and can be torn off to use on the products they are for.

I hope this helps explain coupons a little bit. As you may know all of this already, keep in mind: this blog is for beginners as well.

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