Friday, April 1, 2011

Where to Find Coupons and more!

There are several coupons that may be available at any given time. These all come from different inserts in the Sunday Paper, as well as online. For right now, I am not posting the online coupons. Generally these can be found by going to any search engine, and typing in the name of the product you are looking for, plus the word coupon. It might take some digging, but they are usually out there!

Here in the Tulsa area, there are normally 2 papers with coupons in them, available almost anywhere you would find newspapers to buy! My favorites are to head to QT and get 3 papers. 2 Tulsa Worlds, and 1 Oklahoman. What not everyone knows is that the Oklahoman runs out more quickly since they have different coupons, and along with the RedPlum inserts, which are not available in the Tulsa World. Something else that not everyone knows, is that at QT you can get 2 Tulsa Worlds for $3, instead of $2 each anywhere else. As far as I know, QT is the only place in the Tulsa area that you can get the Oklahoman.

Now for some abbreviations that will be helpful for when you start following matchups.

TW- Tulsa World
DO- Oklahoman, it used to be called the Daily Oklahoman

SS-Smart Source
PG- Procter and Gamble
RP- RedPlum

Hope these help. If there are ever any abbreviations besides these, I will update this list, and post it on the post containing the different abbreviation.

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